Sukup Grain Dryers

Sukup Grain Dryers Customized to Your Needs

R&S Grain Systems, Inc. proudly offers grain dryers by Sukup Manufacturing Co., whose high-quality products are sold in over 80 countries throughout the world. We offer the Sukup Tower Dryers and we will customize them to best complement your grain drying needs.

Efficient dryer that’s easy to use.

Effortless operation, the temperature of the air in the drying chamber and the speed of the unload rotor are adjustable. The operator selects the desired drying temperature and the speed of the unload rotor is varied to obtain desired moisture output. Unload rotor speed is adjusted manually or automatically based on the grain temperature in the bottom of the head chamber or on the incoming and outgoing moisture content.  Grain flow, the grain then flows into the cooling chamber and spills out onto the flat, stainless steel grain table of the unload chamber. A large rotor with curved stainless steel paddles (the only moving part of the dryer) sweeps grain to the center of the dryer and out the discharge hopper.

Technology at Work for You

The technology-driven grain drying solutions we offer will add quantifiable value to your grain production. To learn more about these state-of-the-art systems, please reach out to us today!