Farm Grain Bins

We Feature Sioux Steel Company Grain Bins

We started as farmers, so we fully understand that many aspects of farming are beyond your control, including unpredictable weather, equipment breakdowns and fluctuating prices. At R&S Grain Systems, we’re on a mission to bring stability to the industry by helping farmers better control how their harvests are stored. We proudly offer grain bins by Sioux Steel Company for your farm.

Strong, Free-Flowing & Affordable

These versatile structures are made in Sioux Falls, SD, and R&S will custom create and install additional features according to your specifications. These bins are designed for free-flowing grains up to 64-lbs per bushel or 51-lbs per cubic foot. Available in diameters from 15’ to 48’ our bins are made of 4”wide corrugated steel, which provides a 70,000-psi tensile strength. These thick sheets of steel not only reduce friction load on the sidewalls, but also allow grain to flow down easily. Because so few sheets of steel are used to manufacture these bins, their price reflects a substantially lower production cost.

Built for the Midwest & Warrantied for A Decade

Sioux Steel Company bins boast the strongest roofs in the grain storage industry. With a roof rated for a peak load of up to 10,000-lbs, you can count on your Sioux Steel Company grain bin to withstand even the heaviest Midwest-area snowfall. Heavy winds and hail are no match for these durable structures either, so you can count on keeping your grain marketable for years to come. All of these features are backed by a ten-year warranty, providing you with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that we stand behind our products. Reach out to us today to learn more about we can customize these hard-working structures for your farm!

Sioux Steel Company’s commercial grade bins represent the pinnacle of what grain storage technology has accomplished. To learn more about how these bins would add tremendous value to your business, please reach out to us today!