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Meet Our Team

Meeting the needs of our clients requires commitment, focus and an absolute passion for agriculture. We owe our success to building a team of experts who truly believe that improving the grain handling industry means being constantly on the lookout for ways to improve what we do. Our staff includes:

Wayne Dietrich: As a co-owner/operator of R&S Grain, Wayne also designs and bids our projects.

Bart Howe: Bart is our lead draftsman, and customizing our products is his specialty.

Trevor Trocinski: Trevor is our junior draftsman, and works in tandem with Bart to tailor our equipment to meet the requirements of our customers.

Jon Dietrich: Forman of the fabrication shop and quality control manager, Jon ensures that every piece of equipment that leaves our facility is built to exact specifications and is completed on time.

Carmen Howe (co-owner/operator), Courtney Stejskal and Joshua Dietrich: Courtney, Joshua and Carmen are masters of all things customer service, from shipping and receiving to invoicing, and from payroll to whatever anyone else in the operation might need them to do.

Ben Boley, Chris Graser & Our Road Crew: Ben and Chris round our team. As jobsite foremen, they lead our dependable road crew as they install, maintain and repair all of our grain handling equipment.

Our Welders & Fabricators: We can’t say enough about the dedicated and talented crew in our welding and fabrication departments. They are responsible for manufacturing our equipment and our very existence depends on the work that they do.

At R&S Grain Systems, we’re proud of the work that we do.

Possibly no other industry is more fundamental to the American way of life than the production of grain is, and as such we seek to hire people who are enthusiastic about our line of work.

Whether you have experience in the technology which grain farmers need to thrive, the ability to operate the machinery and tools which we use to fabricate quality grain storage and processing equipment, or some other unique skill set which will help us best serve our clients, we are eager to discuss bringing you on board.

We offer exceptional benefits, a courteous and productive work environment, and several opportunities to grow within our company for motivated employees.

Please call our office at 507-584-6794 if you have any questions about our application process. We hope to hear from you soon!

Benefits We Offer

Full medical benefits for employee
Vacation Pay
HSA accounts
Holiday Pay
Matching Simple IRA

Company Incentives

Professional Development 
Work Year-Round
Overtime Available
Career Advancement