D-Line Equipment

Grain Solutions Deeply Rooted in the Farming Industry

Raymond and Sharon Dietrich may have been the only employees in the company when they founded R&S Grain Systems in 1972, but they shared a wealth of knowledge about the grain industry which only farmers themselves possess. With their personal understanding of the specific needs of the grain business as the foundation for their enterprise, they were able to identify and create the ideal solutions to the unique requirements of their clients’ operations. Although we have grown substantially over the course of the past five decades, our own D-Line Equipment brand still reflects what we know to be the very best for the grain business.

Quality Control Assures Increased Profitability

All D-Line Equipment products are manufactured in-house, so they are fully customizable according to your specifications. We achieve this courtesy of our full-service fabrication facility, which we staff with only the most highly skilled technicians available to our industry. Because we make all of the components of our D-Line Equipment products from raw materials, we maintain complete control of their overall quality. We additionally subject everything we create to a stringent quality assurance protocol, so you can be certain that the custom equipment you receive from us will perform admirably for many years to come. Our quality machinery translates to a better bottom line for you, plain and simple.