Commercial Grain Bins

Protect Harvested Grain

Battling mother nature throughout the growing season is par for the course in agriculture; being up against the clock from planting to harvest is stressful enough without worrying about the integrity of yields during storage. At R&S Grain Systems, protecting harvested grain is our business! As part of our ongoing effort to provide our commercial clients with the very best grain handling equipment that our industry has to offer, we proudly supply Sioux Steel Company commercial grain bins.

Commercial Grain Bin Features

Available in 64-lbs per bushel or 70-lbs per bushel models, these grain bins are made from 4” wide corrugated steel with a tensile strength of 70,000 psi to accommodate the increased test weights of grain harvested from today’s new hybrids and products that incorporate improved genetics. Depending on their model, these bins additionally sport two to three strong stiffeners per side wall sheet, and are available from 18’ to 132’ in diameter.

These durable structures also feature:

Wind rings to provide extraordinary strength against the elements
Easy-to-erect design that will save significant money in construction costs
Bolt patterns optimized to handle a wide range of stresses
Roofs designed to withstand peak loads of 50,000 lbs.
Heavy base angles for a robust connection between the bin and foundation
Multiple points of access
Base plate and shim system that assures maximum stability
Variety of floor systems to best suit your purposes

Sioux Steel Company’s commercial grade bins represent the pinnacle of what grain storage technology has accomplished. To learn more about how these bins would add tremendous value to your business, please reach out to us today!