About Us

R&S Grain Systems was started in 1972 by Raymond and Sharon Dietrich.  It started small on the family farm with only Ray and Sharon as employees.  As the years progressed the company grew along with wisdom of what the farmers want and need for grain production.  At this point and time is when D-Line Equipment was born.  Who better to design grain handling equipment than a farmer.  R&S Grain Systems then branched into commercial with landing the Huntting Elevator accounts.  Since then R&S Grain Systems has been building for and servicing farmers and commercial elevators in Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin and South Dakota.

Along with installing and repairing grain equipment R&S Grain has a full functioning shop with state of the art machines to manufacture our D-Line Equipment which includes legs, drags, catwalks, towers, grain cleaners, k-valves, three way valves, clam gates, cushion boxes, rack and pinion gates, square to rounds, round to rounds and many more.  R&S Grain Systems is equipped with AutoCAD drafting software that allows us to draw anything you need to your specification.  Our shop then manufactures it.  We also have a large inventory of b-Belts, pulleys, bearings, UHMW, rhino hyde, motors and gear drives.

R&S Grain Systems is truly a family run business.  Besides Raymond and Sharon, their son Wayne Dietrich, vice president of the company, is the main salesman.  Their daughter Carmen Howe is the secretary and their granddaughter Courtney Howe also works in the office.  Raymond’s brother Jon Dietrich is the shop foreman and Carmen’s brother-in-law Bart Howe is the main draftsman and shop manager.  Together along with the 23 other employees, they work together to achieve customer satisfaction and manufacture quality equipment.